10 Steps to throw your own party in a city where you know no one

Montreal, Quebec, November 2006 – Cam and Julian

Step 1. Set dates – We planned for 7 days.

Step 2. Organize a car

Step 5. Confirm cell phone works in target location

Step 3. Research and gather music of target location’s audience

Step 3. Find three groups of people to stay with on www.couchsurfing.com

Step 4. Book a last minute www.wotif.com luxury self contained apartment for the last twos days of trip

Step 5. Buy wine (House presents), and loads of spirits for mixing and shooting

Step 6. Stay two nights at each host’s house (Tell em about the party)

Step 7. Use local contacts to organize party enhancers

Step 8. rab some local food for guests to increase indurance

Step 9. Skype and sms to spread the wordG

Step 10. Leave your inhibition at the door and party like its your birthday

  • mario

    Great tips.. they will come in handy in Europe.