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Stolen Kangaroo

Who ever stole my kangaroo sign suctioned to my locker in Reynolds. I would like it back.You are probably the same person who drank the remainder of my Powerade from my Bike.If anyone see’s a sign similiar to the above with “Next 14km” on it. Then bring it back to Gramps.


Here is my wing man julian who got me on the team tackling

How to get 50 real friends on facebook in under 24 hours?

Get off the computer and join a team\club\org just something where you can see the results of your actions with others regularly. Feel the glow of  flesh and bone. What would you pref? Recieving a pat on the back with an accompanying “Love your work” or a whiz bang emoticon?


This was forwarded to me from a friend at an adjoining college. I don’t think I have what it takes but my wing man Julian does. Only problem is he does not dance and is not prepared to be objectified. I reckon if we can lay down the dance routine its in the bag…………..———————————————————————————Thought the […]

Mel in 5 years I will get you one in dog form

Do you have a cat allergy and love cats? Got a spare $3500US or know how to isolate feline excretion genes? Then check out to the world of Trangenetic Animals.

My bike has a force field

This picture was taken immediately after Babson Pub night at 12:15am. Drunk students are pouring out congregating, then panning out towards parties and my bike is standing strong!Pretty cool huh? Sure most the students are repulsed by its op shop nature and sticky bull horned handle bars but that does not take away the fact […]

Look Better Naked

I have a little soft spot for mass marketing and if any place tickles my fancy it has to be L.A.Business running hot at the moment include Teeth Whitening, Earn income online schemes and Wallabies as pets!Some of the prophets say mass marketing is history however the segmentation and the communication mediums still seem to […]

Trustworthy Leadership

One of my classes is called “Issues in Leadership and Ethics”. The class is tied in with guest speakers who publicly address the Olin, Wellesley and Babson community. After the presentation they come to our round table for further facilitated discussion.Here is the first lecture of the series by the President of Wellesley College .I […]

I live with the Una-Bomber’s mum

When I moved into my room in Wellesley, MA. I was curious as to why there were poker magazines and the T.V was always set to pro-poker. Well it turns out that the lovely lady who is putting me up while at Babson is the mum of a professional poker player called the Una-Bomber

Julian my German Wing-man pursuaded

me to join the Babson Rugby Team.Julian on exchange from Milan is a big, fast and extremeley strong and knows nothing about Rugby but wants to play. I am lanky, reasonbly fast, weak, 29 but have excellent football skills minus the tackling (can tackle just don’t like to).So we sort of have a deal, Julian […]