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Cameron just…….

got an internship at The Arthur M.Blank Center for Entrepreneurship at Babson College.This means I get paid to do everything and anything to help the people at the centre keep it running and GROWING. I could be meeting and greeting professors\entrepreneurs, statitistics, powerpoints for professors, contributing to Babson Case Studies, running events, accounting, anything!! Its […]

Leeches Suck

peoples insides.I finally found out what is Bio-technology from my teacher Prof Shari Laprise. Then I promptly forgot, pretty sure it was something like “to harness nature to advance things”. My take-away was Bio is for Nature. So what is technology? Well last night in my leadership and ethics class, President Rick Miller of Olin […]

Babson Not so No.1.

I like to pop the collar for practical reasons.

No.1 Again

Babson recently goto No.1 for entrepreneurship yet again

On the 22nd Aug at the airport

Ron Jeremy was standing in front of me. It was kind of weird. instagram online search

Say Hi to Chris for Me

I stayed in Beverly Hills with my friend Josh.On Sunday I had a massive night out in Hollywood and it went like this2 large coronasMet Bryan who was in Jag2 Large CoronsaMet a recruiter for a reality TV show (I was too old)2 MargarittasMet another 5 actorsBecame friends with Tyson who was a splitting look […]

Part 2 Sometime around the 20th Aug

Here the links and strategy for finding a room and knowing people fast. Strategy 1.Start networking\meeting people before arriving. I thought, I was da man at this one but I made many mistakes. I used which is ok for meeting people outside of Babson but not inside Babson. Babson people use (Un-beknown to […]

Sometime around 20th Aug

Ok finally got the blog up so I am going to back date a little.I am living in Wellesley 2 miles from Babson College, orientation is over and I am now in my second week of class.The next couple of entries will be to help future exchange students from RMIT get setup off campus, with […]