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The first day I walked into my Leadership and Ethics class I met Jason and Matt, we exchanged pleasantries. The first day I walking to the “Blank Center for Entrepreneurship” for an internship at Babson I met Jason and Matt, the conversation was up beat. The first day on my strategy project for a company […]

Lip Service

So two weeks ago, I am playing rugby and in the last minute of the game I tackle the 5 foot winger and somehow he kicks me in the face. The result 3 stitches and a blood nose.

The show must go on

Bazza packaged ER-20 Earplugs from Remote AustraliaFor those who do not know. I run a small racket on ebay called earjobs. Recently my dad (Barry) went to a remote part of Queensland Australia for a month. Despite the isolation, Dad who takes care of operations managed to ship over 25 units with no internet or […]