9 months as a Digital Nomad – How I do it?

A few people have asked me how I traveled and survived for such a long time? I have left out my business and financial things because too often people use the excuse of “When I have enough money”. If you really want it, you will find a way.

  1. I make family and friends a priority
    I have an incredibly strong family and friend network with out them the world becomes shit loads more scary.
  2. I re-defined what “safe” means.
    The most dangerous thing you can do on any given day is get in your car. For me the safest place is flying by the seat of my pants. How do you define safe?
  3. I try not to judge people
    We are prejudice for a reason but try to question your assumptions\stereotypes
  4. I dropped the status envy
    Sovereignty is the new envy – and that person with the [super expensive asset] and the huge house. Well they’re probably not feeling that free.
  5. I take any job when cash is low
    I am a high tech guy but if my chips are down I will take jobs laboring, working in bars, stripping, whatever!
  6. I have a greater goal
    I am traveling to buy time, create luck, have fun and hopefully create something of value. If I don’t then I it was a hella fun journey trying.

9 Months as a Digital Nomad from Cameron McGrane on Vimeo.

A 10 minute video taking my favorite moments from 850 flip camera clips, shot over 9 months in Thailand, Cambodia, China, Taiwan, USA, Germany, Poland, UK and Japan.