This was forwarded to me from a friend at an adjoining college. I don’t think I have what it takes but my wing man Julian does. Only problem is he does not dance and is not prepared to be objectified. I reckon if we can lay down the dance routine its in the bag…………..
Thought the Babson rugby team might be interested in this

ad:GIRLS! Gota a guy friend who needs some money? …and can dance? And is charismatic and great with women? Comfortable with their body?I need a fun boytoy to strip for me and my friends on my 21st next weekend.
Strippers through agencies are just too damn expensive. He must have his own transportation, be of legal age (21+) and most important, be megacute. Hey, if you’re going to objectify anything in life, it’s going to be a stripper. Or a prostitute. But I don’t need him to bang me or anything, just dance and get (mostly?) naked.
Depending on how drunk we are. If you know anyone who’d be up for some extra cash and a fun evening, you have my permission to forward this email. :) I get some entertainment, he gets to chill with a fun bunch and I’ll provide the liquid courage. (Though he shouldn’t really need it)Reply sender!

Name withheld

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    so, how many boys want to be toys?