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I stole YOUR identity

Well I didn’t really… If I was a bad guy, I could purchase (off the black market) your D.O.B and other juicy information like first school, pet and mother’s maiden name. Such information could be taken from your Facebook profile. The D.O.B is the key to “tricking” accounts and because I continually see my friends […]

Use facebook for your social connections not your media

Truly portable media has the potential to facilitate delivery of your ideas, stories, concepts, memorable moments to the right person at the right time in the right place……. seamlessly. Facebook is not portable. Content that goes in cannot be easily shared outside of facebook. However content developed outside of facebook can be easily included within […]

Why leave facebook to view myspace info?

Recently, I strung together a couple of lines of code using the codeplex facebook toolkit to create a facebook application that does NOT leverage the social graph and integration points. Funnily enough some people are using it. This suggests people are using facebook not just for the socializing but as a dashboard for all their […]

Google adsense code for your application

My Dotnetnuke social network enabler incorporates google adsense into the profile, summary or search page. The most recent release allows designers and developers who use the customizable modules to set their own Publisher Id to generate revenue for themselves. You can download the webcontrol and example code here