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9 months as a Digital Nomad – How I do it?

A few people have asked me how I traveled and survived for such a long time? I have left out my business and financial things because too often people use the excuse of “When I have enough money”. If you really want it, you will find a way. I make family and friends a priority […]

When Planning and Serendipidy Collide

My friend Melina Chan is leaving for a second time to Battambang, Cambodia. On Mel’s last posting I was privileged to work with Mel, Steve Hopkins and Pat Allan in March 2009. It all happened through a combination of planning and serendipity. As a team we overlapped dates and contributed equally in different ways. I […]

Help! A social media strategy presentation….

A mate from University has the hookup to an interesting mobile phone management platform and wanted to know if I had any ideas to get people on board. To no surprise I did and created a proposal for his management team. The presentation includes some details of a non traditional startup applying notions of […]

10 Steps to throw your own party in a city where you know no one

Montreal, Quebec, November 2006 – Cam and Julian Step 1. Set dates – We planned for 7 days. Step 2. Organize a car Step 5. Confirm cell phone works in target location Step 3. Research and gather music of target location’s audience Step 3. Find three groups of people to stay with on Step […]