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Some call it a standup wank station. I call it..

innovation on the cheap! With all the focus on internet innovators people forget about the oldest of innovators; the craftsman, tradie, mason, DIY Handyman type individuals who come up with innovations on a daily basis. This video is dedicated to the work of my friend Nathan from Panache Installations who made a custom stand up […]

A Simple Landing Page Template Download

Do you require a web page template to help make a landing page to sell a product? Do you have basic understanding of: HTML CSS and Styles If you answered Yes. Feel free to hack this HTML and CSS to suit your own needs. The structure is a 1 column, elastic, header, footer and centered. […]

What does color mean to your audience?

Sometime ago, two friends building their internet start-up had to decide on two colour profiles, one themed black the other light green. Flipping back and forth my intuition suggested black represented formal and green flexibility. Recently, I inadvertently came across this slide from Cornell’s consumer behavour course which confirmed my feeling.

Why leave facebook to view myspace info?

Recently, I strung together a couple of lines of code using the codeplex facebook toolkit to create a facebook application that does NOT leverage the social graph and integration points. Funnily enough some people are using it. This suggests people are using facebook not just for the socializing but as a dashboard for all their […]

Its about propinquity; core; something tacit

Just reading the blog of Matt Mullenweg the founder of WordPress. Matt makes the big call that..”it” is not about technology or design. I agree, brilliance and adoption of ideas comes from somewhere inside, it is never rationally tangiable, always invisible and slightly out of reach. How do you align yourself with “it”? I will […]