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Quest for the perfect leisure dive

You only get one shot. Do not miss your chance to blow. This opportunity comes once in a life time. – EMINEM “What would happen if you combined Leisure Dive with Do it in a Dress? Leisure dive a destination where people share relaxed mid air above water photos and Do it in a Dress […]

Ass Whipping Across America

Central America is delayed. Berlin is on. Flying out from NYC posed the challenge of getting there with in budget. A problem quickly resolved via another serendipitous moment. Today I leave on an an incredible roadtrip of mammoth proportions with Jim of Dub-Corp and the beautiful Meadow Devor. The Debacle Explained from James Whitaker on […]

Use these firefox shortcuts and save 1 year of your life

While undertaking firefox intensive activities, my friend Mel was surprised how many shortcuts I was using and so was I. Last year I was teaching excel and at that moment realised the shortcut virus had gone airborne and moved to firefox. Luckily, it was not the H1N1 strain and I am finding my new found […]

So you want to Freelance in Thailand?

Sunset Status Update on a Beach in Thailand from Cameron McGrane on Vimeo. With the current economic downturn, Thailand’s political instability and shoulder season approaching the price is right to freelance for a couple of months in Thailand. Here my tips time to freelancing and playing in Thailand Chime in on the Timing The shoulder […]

Some call it a standup wank station. I call it..

innovation on the cheap! With all the focus on internet innovators people forget about the oldest of innovators; the craftsman, tradie, mason, DIY Handyman type individuals who come up with innovations on a daily basis. This video is dedicated to the work of my friend Nathan from Panache Installations who made a custom stand up […]

Get the keys to your wireless internet locations

CC – Sometimes you are connected to a WIFI point and don’t know the WEP key you used to connect. After you do a search on Google you will likely be offered software that costs $49.95 to retrieve keys The windows application below has been separated from the big bundle of security apps at […]

Be Aware Of The Book

Creative Commons – Cash going into your business\muse\micro-enterprise and NOT the library? Here are free books to keep you inspired and skilled up. Here are four books go start your own X, Y and Z Question your deep seeded beliefs on copyright. Now go innovate. Our society is constructed on stories. […]

Reverse Cold Calling – How I get business asking to stock my product

Yesterday, I received this message from a retailer asking to stock a product I sell purely online. Did it make sense? Probably not. Why? Because the guy had never heard of my business or the products I sell but strangely enough customers kept coming in hassling him for my product. What did this business owner […]

Prospering on the cheap in San Francisco for location independents

UPDATED July 2009 If you are an independent technologist\artist\media hacker\entrepreneur\etc and want to experience San Francisco and the Bay Area on the ground instead of a one week gig feeling like a tourist. Here are tips to make it happen cheap! Below are recommendations you may find useful: Find your crew. This is so important. […]

Use facebook for your social connections not your media

Truly portable media has the potential to facilitate delivery of your ideas, stories, concepts, memorable moments to the right person at the right time in the right place……. seamlessly. Facebook is not portable. Content that goes in cannot be easily shared outside of facebook. However content developed outside of facebook can be easily included within […]