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Phone charm for guys?

How many guys do you know that have a phone\cell\ipod charm? Not many huh? The reason is the majority of guys would have to sport something like this……….. Beside the cute accents of todays modern charm there are two major reasons there is no market for male charms. Lack of function Cool factor Last month, […]

Why leave facebook to view myspace info?

Recently, I strung together a couple of lines of code using the codeplex facebook toolkit to create a facebook application that does NOT leverage the social graph and integration points. Funnily enough some people are using it. This suggests people are using facebook not just for the socializing but as a dashboard for all their […]

10 Steps to throw your own party in a city where you know no one

Montreal, Quebec, November 2006 – Cam and Julian Step 1. Set dates – We planned for 7 days. Step 2. Organize a car Step 5. Confirm cell phone works in target location Step 3. Research and gather music of target location’s audience Step 3. Find three groups of people to stay with on Step […]