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A Quick and Rough Spread of Phuket

Patong is a massive tourist trap and smells of arse. The shopping location during the day. Wild and sleezy at night

How to get into maximum mischief in Mexico and survive

In a couple of weeks, I am returning to Monterrey, Mexico where I lived for 2 months in 2007 and was adopted by a family of brothers called the Garcias from Garcia Garcia region of Nuevo Leon. The experience left me truly humbled. I was treated like a brother and will never forget the generosity […]

Prospering on the cheap in San Francisco for location independents

UPDATED July 2009 If you are an independent technologist\artist\media hacker\entrepreneur\etc and want to experience San Francisco and the Bay Area on the ground instead of a one week gig feeling like a tourist. Here are tips to make it happen cheap! Below are recommendations you may find useful: Find your crew. This is so important. […]