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Gait Gaizing: 7 Great Videos of People Running

“Gait – the whole body’s forward progress, including the foot strike and pelvic position, to arm swing, head and knee movement.” ~ Dr. Phil Maffetone. We all love people watching. Me included! I guess the slight difference for me is that I particularly like watching people running. You could be running for the train in […]

How I make my kale green smoothie

Ingredients Bunch of Kale Many types and derives from the Wild Cabbage family. Smaller the leaf the sweeter the taste. Known to contain residual pesticide. Non organic look for leaves with holes and bugs 1 x Citrus Citrus juice is the key to changing the perceived flat earthy flavor to a tarty, spiritedly and plausible […]

Some guys send photos of their dicks; I send photos of my feet.

With barefoot living and minimalist footwear becoming popular there are many unknowns for people with flat feet. I have flat feet and was dependent on insteps and shoes. These days I walk, work and run with no shoes or minimalist type footwear. Over @stevehopkins blog the Squiggly Line I wrote a guest post on what […]

Vegetables for Breakfast?

This is the first part of a larger post I’ve been working on for ages and releasing sections at a time is a realistic way to get it out there. It’s inspired from my experiences trying to kick start projects independently with no cash or private health care. If you are living in a city, […]

Personal Preservation – Physical Health Advice for Disaster Relief Volunteers

Recently, I shared advice with a friend on volunteering in Haiti especially at Hands On Disaster Relief an awesome, innovative, professional and experienced NGO. We discussed topics like logistics, economics, mental health and physical well being the lata of which I have shared a few tips. Malaria Prevention – I use a mosquito nets, DEET […]