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Help! A social media strategy presentation….

A mate from University has the hookup to an interesting mobile phone management platform and wanted to know if I had any ideas to get people on board. To no surprise I did and created a proposal for his management team. The presentation includes some details of a non traditional startup applying notions of […]

Use facebook for your social connections not your media

Truly portable media has the potential to facilitate delivery of your ideas, stories, concepts, memorable moments to the right person at the right time in the right place……. seamlessly. Facebook is not portable. Content that goes in cannot be easily shared outside of facebook. However content developed outside of facebook can be easily included within […]

Proliferation of profiles

Social Networking Services are optimizing their member’s profiles for search engines. So I decided to use to create my own search engine specifically for searching all online networking sites. To test it out, I fulfilled my urge to track down Mad Mike the Hippy Bum who I met on the streets of New Orleans […]