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What can you do when having fun? Tim Ferris’s blogging tips from Word Camp San Francisco

Ok. I have to make this blog entry fun because it is one of the writing tips that Tim Ferris kicked out at Word Camp San Francisco that I believe in. How am I going to keep it fun? Well this time… and yes you can mix it up…. I am going to keep it […]

Use these firefox shortcuts and save 1 year of your life

While undertaking firefox intensive activities, my friend Mel was surprised how many shortcuts I was using and so was I. Last year I was teaching excel and at that moment realised the shortcut virus had gone airborne and moved to firefox. Luckily, it was not the H1N1 strain and I am finding my new found […]

So you want to Freelance in Thailand?

Sunset Status Update on a Beach in Thailand from Cameron McGrane on Vimeo. With the current economic downturn, Thailand’s political instability and shoulder season approaching the price is right to freelance for a couple of months in Thailand. Here my tips time to freelancing and playing in Thailand Chime in on the Timing The shoulder […]

Get the keys to your wireless internet locations

CC – Sometimes you are connected to a WIFI point and don’t know the WEP key you used to connect. After you do a search on Google you will likely be offered software that costs $49.95 to retrieve keys The windows application below has been separated from the big bundle of security apps at […]

A Simple Landing Page Template Download

Do you require a web page template to help make a landing page to sell a product? Do you have basic understanding of: HTML CSS and Styles If you answered Yes. Feel free to hack this HTML and CSS to suit your own needs. The structure is a 1 column, elastic, header, footer and centered. […]

Help! A social media strategy presentation….

A mate from University has the hookup to an interesting mobile phone management platform and wanted to know if I had any ideas to get people on board. To no surprise I did and created a proposal for his management team. The presentation includes some details of a non traditional startup applying notions of […]

10 Steps to throw your own party in a city where you know no one

Montreal, Quebec, November 2006 – Cam and Julian Step 1. Set dates – We planned for 7 days. Step 2. Organize a car Step 5. Confirm cell phone works in target location Step 3. Research and gather music of target location’s audience Step 3. Find three groups of people to stay with on Step […]