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How to improve at the stupidest thing known to man created by gym teachers.

Congratulations! You are reading this because you know me or you are looking to improve on the multi-stage fitness test. AKA. Suicides, shuttle run, beep test For the purpose of this post I will assume you are here to improve on the test? Just to get on the same page – The beep test is […]

Post Mortem: A foray into grindhouse film making

I’m a fan of 70s style exploitation films aka Grindhouse, so making a short film for the Melbourne Underground Film Festival has been high on my bucket list. Connecting with one of life’s curve balls, I discovered, like most, a lack of knowledge of traditional burial and crematation. So, instead, I made a film that […]

Cambodian Kickboxing Roadtrip to Fight on National Television

Pradal Serey is the Cambodian national sport and a branch of kickboxing (like Muay Thai). Rattatan is a poor 29 year old Khmer fighter and started training at 26 to raise money and start his own barber shop. As a natural athlete with cool demeanor and wins including knock outs he has been invited to […]

Standing Out in a Saturated E-bay Market

Knowing your customer and creating a hard to reproduce competitive advantage is one way of standing out in any business. I applied these concepts to mobile phones, watch the video to see the results.

Wide Angle Hack for Flip Camera

One misty cold night in downtown San Francisco a punk ran off with my phone. I chased and cornered him on the other side of the terminal. The kid half my size refused to give it back and his two girlfriends were closing in. I had the option to use force and doing so would […]

Use these firefox shortcuts and save 1 year of your life

While undertaking firefox intensive activities, my friend Mel was surprised how many shortcuts I was using and so was I. Last year I was teaching excel and at that moment realised the shortcut virus had gone airborne and moved to firefox. Luckily, it was not the H1N1 strain and I am finding my new found […]

Poverty is like Acne – Blog Action Day 2008

Courtesy of SlopJop Everyone is going on about this thing call Poverty. To be honest, I don’t even know what poverty REALLY is? In fact, I am desensitized to most messages thrown at me about poverty. I partially blame World Vision (and main stream media) for throwing the shock card at me. You know? The […]

Linking Friends Flow Chart Using Facebook Connect

Facebook Connect is the next evolution of Facebook Platform – enabling you to integrate the power of Facebook Platform into your own site. Facebook Connect is a cool opportunity mainly because I have social networking enabling modules that Dotnetnuke (Open source .net framework) site owners can install, Facebook Connect is an excellent opportunity to re-shape […]

Be Aware Of The Book

Creative Commons – Cash going into your business\muse\micro-enterprise and NOT the library? Here are free books to keep you inspired and skilled up. Here are four books go start your own X, Y and Z Question your deep seeded beliefs on copyright. Now go innovate. Our society is constructed on stories. […]

A tip to bridging communities? Move the goal posts

Sport teams have strong social capital but what does it take to get two rival teams to meet under difficult logistical conditions? Maybe changing the objective from scoring points to scoring beers?