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Generation Y

Mel has been doing presentations to companies on Generation Y. Here is her latest video. Notice the Aussie accents? It is shot in Melbourne, a place I may just call home one day. If you want to find out more about Generation Y for your company or org, contact me.

Cabin Pressure

In a time, not so long ago, while once again escaping the corporate world. I found myself at a Summer Camp in the U.S.A. Similiar to a company, I had multiple roles, responsibilties and rewards Waterfront Security Wakeboard Instructor with Benefits and most importantly a Role Model to campers I made lots of close friends […]

Grassroot Networks Alive

My enthusiasm for (my social networking software) has picked up for a variety of reasons. A. I no longer need to make trade offs on the idea, vision and message to please my business university who just do not get “web 2.0″ concepts. B. People around me in Boston are excited and highly adept […]


The first day I walked into my Leadership and Ethics class I met Jason and Matt, we exchanged pleasantries. The first day I walking to the “Blank Center for Entrepreneurship” for an internship at Babson I met Jason and Matt, the conversation was up beat. The first day on my strategy project for a company […]

Lip Service

So two weeks ago, I am playing rugby and in the last minute of the game I tackle the 5 foot winger and somehow he kicks me in the face. The result 3 stitches and a blood nose.

The show must go on

Bazza packaged ER-20 Earplugs from Remote AustraliaFor those who do not know. I run a small racket on ebay called earjobs. Recently my dad (Barry) went to a remote part of Queensland Australia for a month. Despite the isolation, Dad who takes care of operations managed to ship over 25 units with no internet or […]

Stolen Kangaroo

Who ever stole my kangaroo sign suctioned to my locker in Reynolds. I would like it back.You are probably the same person who drank the remainder of my Powerade from my Bike.If anyone see’s a sign similiar to the above with “Next 14km” on it. Then bring it back to Gramps.


Here is my wing man julian who got me on the team tackling

How to get 50 real friends on facebook in under 24 hours?

Get off the computer and join a team\club\org just something where you can see the results of your actions with others regularly. Feel the glow of  flesh and bone. What would you pref? Recieving a pat on the back with an accompanying “Love your work” or a whiz bang emoticon?


This was forwarded to me from a friend at an adjoining college. I don’t think I have what it takes but my wing man Julian does. Only problem is he does not dance and is not prepared to be objectified. I reckon if we can lay down the dance routine its in the bag…………..———————————————————————————Thought the […]