Vegetables for Breakfast?

This is the first part of a larger post I’ve been working on for ages and releasing sections at a time is a realistic way to get it out there. It’s inspired from my experiences trying to kick start projects independently with no cash or private health care.

How to make vegetables look creepy

If you are living in a city, low on cash and trying to keep your shit together here is a recommendation on keeping it together and not being taken out by illness, people or yourself.

Eat Vegetables for Breakfast

If you can change your diet one way, start eating vegetables for breakfast.

My preferred method is in the form of a green smoothie which was introduced to me by Peter Imai in January 2010. Since that date I’ve clocked up over 300+ vegetable smoothies and haven’t looked back.

After a smoothie I well…..feel good. I’m more hydrated, head feels clearer and best of all it reduces my craving for gluten based food (drags me down) around 11am.

A word on taste.
Nearly every day I hear someone say “I like the idea but the taste. yuk!”. As a society we have the habit of taking what something tastes like over how it makes us feel. Flavor over substance. Form over function. It’s like our senses are being indoctrinated into a materialistic existence. I’m not sure why people say it.
I do notice a correlation between the intensity of people’s yuk and the quality of their current diet. Crapper the diet. Bigger the Yuk! I think it has something to do with our orfactory memory being deceived\overriden by an onslaught of fat and refined carbohydrates so when veges come along it misinterprets how they taste and make us feel (mid term) because it’s comparing them to something short(term), intense, pleasurable and artificial (from an evolutionary standpoint).

A word on cost.
Vegetables are expensive. Correction. Food is expensive. The bigger the city, the higher the price and lower the quality.

The one exception to the adage “You get what you pay for” are green vegetables (if you aren’t dead set on one type of vegetable). If you will eat anything that is green there is cheap greenage everywhere! At your chain super markets, Asian grocery stores, local markets or even in your garden. My favorite gathering story was walking past a community garden in Melbourne or Oakland..not sure and hand picking spinach that was growing while across the road. Now that is cheap!

A word on productivity
I’d go as far to say “Green Smoothies” are the new Ramen Profitability food (food you eat when you have no money and are trying to make a company profitable). Look I love beans and am ok with rice but they both have there downsides. What downside is there to vegetables apart from being low caloric?

I’m not going into the benefits of vegetables it’s been done yo.

So what exactly is this green smoothie beast? Well the green part comes from dark green vegetables..duh. The smoothie part DOES NOT include milk, yogurt, ice cream or a ton of fruit (Oh but I love strawberries and yogurt you say). Forget it, what you’re actually making is a FAT ASS smoothie.

Looks its quite simple and easy to clean up because there are no sticky sugars involved.

The recipe is based on fundamentals passed on by Petey with my own personal flair added to create a fast easy clean kick ass green smoothie. Take:

One rack of ice
4-10 big handfuls of Kale or anything dark green
600ml Water
1 lime squeeze – add rind for kapow
4 table spoons of Chia Seed
Chunk of ginger (unpeeled)

Blend the crap out of it, place in a drink bottle if on the move, chug or suckle on it over the morning to truly take in all the flavour and goodness.

Green Smoothie on a Winter Morning

Peter and I both rate this chick who knows a thing or two about Green Smoothies