Help! A social media strategy presentation….

A mate from University has the hookup to an interesting mobile phone management platform and wanted to know if I had any ideas to get people on board.

To no surprise I did and created a proposal for his management team.

The presentation includes some details of a non traditional startup applying notions of web democracy, equal ownership and emergence. Which makes me a level 8 or 9 on the purest-corporatist scale

With the model and audience (corporate) in mind, I designed the presentation with the objective of educating my audience, improving awareness and providing a teaser to get me on board to flesh out deeper insights for development and a potential partnership.

There are notes included to help apply to your own circumstances but you will need to download the powerpoint to access.

It is still pretty blue sky at the moment and I would be grateful for feedback on

  • where it should be bolted down?
  • what are the risks or potential problems?
  • where a similar model has been used?
  • Steve

    Hey mate,

    I’m 14 slides in and already I love you. I’m going to call you tomorrow and discuss further.