Julian my German Wing-man pursuaded

me to join the Babson Rugby Team.
Julian on exchange from Milan is a big, fast and extremeley strong and knows nothing about Rugby but wants to play. I am lanky, reasonbly fast, weak, 29 but have excellent football skills minus the tackling (can tackle just don’t like to).
So we sort of have a deal, Julian is going to make me strong (starting with lower abs) and I am going to make him co-ordinated. I have continually embarrassed Julian at training by wearing a tight RED singlet, tight blue shorts, red socks and sunglasses (Seriously). I compound this with a don’t really give a fuck attitude because I am Australian and grew up in NSW playing hybrid forms of Rugby daily.
Obviously, this is all part of the plan to avoid the A team and hopefully from the historically high drop out rate means there will not be a B team.
Top that off with dissing Thursday night “Team” – Milk and Cookies, I am in a good position to avoid all the on\off the field; mental and physcical injuries that comes with the “Intellegient Persons” game which is Rugby. While still having a kick of the footy occassionally!