Linking Friends Flow Chart Using Facebook Connect

Facebook Connect Friend Linking Flow

Facebook Connect is the next evolution of Facebook Platform – enabling you to integrate the power of Facebook Platform into your own site.

Facebook Connect is a cool opportunity mainly because I have social networking enabling modules that Dotnetnuke (Open source .net framework) site owners can install, Facebook Connect is an excellent opportunity to re-shape the existing versions.

I am sold, but before we start coding the new version I had to get my head around the new platform extension. What I found I have been trawling through the Facebook Developer Wiki and Forum to understand “Facebook Connect” to design requirements to integrate facebook with my existing application.

The documentation is good but as I am more of a visual thinker, I felt converting the documentation into flow\decision charts would add extra depth and flesh out any assumptions

Above is my first effort for friend linking using Smartdraw a kick ass product that leaves Visio weeping in a heap.

I plan to enhance the above, and create a few more including:

  • pseudo-code\flow chart for the Connect.RegisterUsers
  • sharing information and actions on your site with their friends on Facebook
  • single login that is being thrown around Facebook employees on the forums