Look Better Naked

I have a little soft spot for mass marketing and if any place tickles my fancy it has to be L.A.
Business running hot at the moment include Teeth Whitening, Earn income online schemes and Wallabies as pets!
Some of the prophets say mass marketing is history however the segmentation and the communication mediums still seem to be evolving just as fast as Web 2.o.
For example, I took lots of Public Transport around Santa Monica and Beverly Hills (Yes it actually exists). All the buses had “transit T.V” showing compelling real time news and entertainment splattered with asthetically timed advertisements.
Comparing the people on the bus (predominantly spanish speaking) T-TV and standard banner ads (predominantly in Spanish) it was obvious selling this space to debt consolidation, $$opportunity schemes, car dealers and fast food would not be too difficult.
Does traditional media done differently still have plenty of legs?

Closing off my favourite wedge lines are:
-Drink Powerade, Defy Convention.
-Look Better Naked – Golds Gym
-Free to be (-any of the following)
Smart (Free to air TV Station)