Freedom, Certainty & Sausages

Walking past an abandoned BBQ, planted an idea to re-create the situation with a twist. On a Friday evening my house mate and I using a Flip camera shot the film sequentially in 45 mins and edited it using iMovie on Mac in an hour.
Two Sausage
With many a slow project underway it was refreshing and fun to quickly see an idea come to fruition. It felt natural and easy applying recently acquired skills and the process invigorated my psyche.
Unlike many projects that only end if the underlying economics are disrupted. Story telling feeds on creativity and has a clear beginning, middle and end. Stories are independent of the structures and systems that dictate many of our daily activities. Even the simplest of stories embody a sense of freedom and create certainty even only for a brief moment in time.

And with that philosophical moment behind us it’s time to have a sausage on me.

Once upon a time two sausages sizzled in fatty bliss until…..