Part 2 Sometime around the 20th Aug

Here the links and strategy for finding a room and knowing people fast.

Strategy 1.
Start networking\meeting people before arriving.

I thought, I was da man at this one but I made many mistakes. I used which is ok for meeting people outside of Babson but not inside Babson.

Babson people use (Un-beknown to me) a SN service for college, highschool and work networks. It differs from other services because you must use a address to gain access.

The best accomodation is always found via word of mouth and friends. After moving into my current place I found another room closer and cheaper on the second day of class. If you cannot be on the ground then facebook is the next best thing.

Strategy 2
Have places to stay, people to see, partys to rock…… off campus.

I am 29 some freshmans are 17. Its not just the age difference its just straight cooler to be able to head into the city and socialise outside of college.

To acheive this, I joined up with which is a global network of people who value sharing experiences and let you stay on their couch (and vice versa).
I only started contacting people the day before arriving in Boston thus I ended up in a hostel. However I did get invited to a party and now have plenty going on in the city and places to stay.

Strategy 3
Use all your online resources?

Find rooms and just about everything else on
(This how I found my room)
Find casual work at
Find work on Babson Campus at
Use Google Earth to map to understand completely where each potential room is located.