Phone charm for guys?

How many guys do you know that have a phone\cell\ipod charm?

Not many huh? The reason is the majority of guys would have to sport something like this………..

Girl Cell Charm

Beside the cute accents of todays modern charm there are two major reasons there is no market for male charms.

Lack of function
Cool factor

Last month, I inadvertantly had a crack at solving lack of function and cool after recovering from the loss of my 10th high end cell phone in San Francisco.

By purchasing three different products from three different retail outlets, I summed the parts to develop a new product I call the PDG (Pirate Device Guardian).

The PDG’s primary function is to protect the owners ipod, cell, etc anytime they are intoxicated or in an unsafe environment.

Pulling from the Hip

As for the cool. Well you just have to stay true to your personal vision and if it gets old or people don’t like just come up with another one!

Pirate Phone Guardian