Quest for the perfect leisure dive

You only get one shot. Do not miss your chance to blow. This opportunity comes once in a life time. – EMINEM

“What would happen if you combined Leisure Dive with Do it in a Dress?

Leisure dive a destination where people share relaxed mid air above water photos and Do it in a Dress a movement that raises money to send girls in Sierra Leon to school.

What if I wore my dress, dived over the Yarra River in Melbourne with a spectacular city backdrop and had an awesome photographer shoot my possibly greatest dive of all time?

It felt like a quest, a once in a life time and I’d only had one shot because:

  • the Yarra river is disgusting and I didn’t want to go in more than once
  • leisure dives look better dry. I only had one dress and no hair drier support

What happened next……

  1. Found an Amazing Photographer
  2. The idea was tantalizing and since I knew a professional photographer, Stu Walmsley was happy to help out for a good cause I knew I had the right person for the job.

  3. Picked the Dive Site
  4. We loved the background and Stu could shoot from stable flat ground.

  5. Chose a Landing
  6. Even though I had more chance of a needle stick injury. I did the right thing and slid in to check for foreign objects and depth. It was only a metre deep but the bottom was quick sand sludge. Grosse. The peace of mind made for a more confident dive.

  7. Visualized the Dive
  8. To Stu’s amusement I spent a good two minutes visualizing my dive while whispering my mantra “Smile Cammy Smile”.

  9. Simulated the Dive

    Launch is critical

    At Crossfit we box jump alot and my surprisingly explosive take off was a real asset. (Crossfit wanker I know…hehe). Practicing the jump and angle a couple of times provided confidence that I could hit the launch and angle to get the shot. It provided an opportunity for Stu to get his eye in too.

    Totally posing but hey my job was to pose. A required step to articulate the muscle memory for the dive.

  10. Sucked it up and dived
    Dive 1

    This was to be the money shot. I’m dry, my dress is kinda down but I’m not smiling and my launch & pose was poor. Stu was a bit early and the lights washed me out. After this Dive Stu suggested I do it again. :(

    Dive 2.

    I think this was the best one even though I was wet. Great launch, solid shot, casual smile, I felt really comfortable at the split second in time. But I was wet and the dress was way up. Hard to see I’m even wearing a dress :(

    Dive 3

    Some say this is the shot. Perfect execution by Stu, brilliant background, massive launch but I was too manic at that stage and it didn’t feel or look…..leisurely.

And here my quest ends. It wasn’t perfect but was is perfection anyway? It was heaps fun and pretty damn hilarious. I went on a heavy dose of probiotics and am feeling great even though I was wretching shortly after the dive.

What I learned for next time (there won’t be a next time):

  • Smile before diving. Dive 2 and 3 I pre-smiled and it stuck.
  • The chances of getting the first shot are extremely slim
  • Wear a longer dress
  • Bring a couple of dresses
  • Try for a support person with a hair dryer

Super huge thanks to Stu – Hopefully who will provide a technical brief in the comments below.

Remember if you want to help girls in Sierra Leon get an education so they one day have the resources and free time to do their very own leisure dive then please donate to my Doitinadress page