Say Hi to Chris for Me

I stayed in Beverly Hills with my friend Josh.
On Sunday I had a massive night out in Hollywood and it went like this
2 large coronas
Met Bryan who was in Jag
2 Large Coronsa
Met a recruiter for a reality TV show (I was too old)
2 Margarittas
Met another 5 actors
Became friends with Tyson who was a splitting look alike to a young Brad Pitt.
As an aspiring actor we discussed how he could escape the “look to much like Brad Pitt basket” he introduced me to his buddies and drove me to a bar with a very popular 80s cover band.
Quite drunk I met Tom from Its a bit blurry but I think we discussed the secret concerts in Australia. I then proceeded to ask him to wish Chris Dewolf (CEO of MySpace) all the best and to trust him for the next stage of myspace. Ultimatley I came out as a bit of a wanker but after just writing the attached biography on Dewolfe it was pretty cool from my side.
More Drinks and a lift home. Lost my grey jumper and carried my laptop the whole night!!!