So you want to Freelance in Thailand?

Sunset Status Update on a Beach in Thailand from Cameron McGrane on Vimeo.

With the current economic downturn, Thailand’s political instability and shoulder season approaching the price is right to freelance for a couple of months in Thailand.

Here my tips time to freelancing and playing in Thailand

  1. Chime in on the Timing
  2. The shoulder season is May-June when cheap flights and accommodation are available but expect frequent storms. I found December to February perfect. The weather was mild, no rain and cost of living bearable.

    Note: Though I encourage Thailand, use this travel danger resource page to make up your own mind

  3. Buy a Cooling Pad
  4. Thailand can get real hot. Do what the locals do and buy a cooling pad for your laptop. It will keep out critters, reduce memory crashes and protect your groin from 3rd degree burns.

  5. Don’t give your Passport to Anyone
  6. Especially moto rental places. If they absolutely will not take a credit card, cash deposit or license instead of a passport go some where else.

  7. Play in commercial playgrounds in moderation
  8. I was in Phuket so Patong was the commercial epicenter . Sure, have a sniff now and then, meet friends, have a shop. But don’t make a habit of it. There is no faster way to burn through cash then bars and you will only feel dirty, ugly and likely smell of arse.

  9. Participate in Couchsurfing
  10. Couchsurfing is an excellent way of getting to know people in any country expect North Korea.

  11. Frequent
  12. If staying longer than 30 days you will need to undertake a visa run.
    Thai Visa is “the watering hole” for ex-pats with a rich source of information ranging from visa’s to local gossip

  13. Buy Water in Bulk
  14. Staying longer than a week? Nip the daily pilgrimage to 7 eleven to buy water and get it bulk. It is 900% cheaper and saves time too.

  15. Challenge Yourself Physically
  16. Being fit and strong in a developing country\ new world dramatically reduces the risks of stress, sickness and accident. It provides balance to the mental exercise completed on a daily basis as a freelancer. With a diet low in gluten and dairy and high in protein, time in Thailand is conducive to getting bloody fit.
    Muay Thai is the obvious choice but do something you really like or want to do and sign up for 5 days a week.

  17. Don’t Date Bar Girls or Prostitutes
  18. If you want company then use the assets that got you abroad freelancing in the first place and meet an ex-pat or a local\holidaying thai person. Dating Thai’s is a high stakes game financially and emotionally. Here are a few rules to chew on.

    • Tell them what is going to happen and stick to it
    • Make sure they can afford to pay for meals too
    • DON’T ever buy gifts
    • Practice safe sex
    • Watch out for the boyfriend (s)

    Remember: If she is the sexiest woman you have ever been near and she is interested then she is likely a lady boy.

Above are a few of the ideas that came to mind writing this post. If you have others that are important please let me know here or on twitter @cama