Sometime around 20th Aug

Ok finally got the blog up so I am going to back date a little.

I am living in Wellesley 2 miles from Babson College, orientation is over and I am now in my second week of class.

The next couple of entries will be to help future exchange students from RMIT get setup off campus, with no car in a minimal amount of time and on a budget.

Arriving in LA.
Unless you have something to hide or overstayed last time you were in America.
If you have been to america before make sure immigration recieved your I-94 located in your passport.

Make everyone invisible as you walk out of the exit lounge, they just want some cash.

Head straight to the Blue T bus pick up point which will take you for free to a subway train stop.

Buy an all day ticket ($3.75), and head for downtown LA.

Important! Remember when you have bags and using public transport. ALWAYS ask attractive girls for directions, they will go out of their way to assist and probably give you their number when you sugguest you want to see the night life but do not know where to go.

Walk out the station, cross the street to the Wilshire Grand Hotel

If it is before three (Earliest Check in time) approach the desk and they will take care of your bags with out a room number.

Head to the pool with a drink and hook into their free wireless internet.

Using Skype, start making the calls to backpackers or friends who can come and pick you.

Since the hotel has taken care of those annoyingly heavy bags go for a wander, and buy a mobile phone. I recommend T-mobile for existing tri-band phones or Virgin Mobile US if you require a new phone.
Tip: if your provider supports global roaming, leave a voice message, bar incoming calls, enable sms. Then buy a dual sim card expansion kit which will allow you swap between your home and US telecom providers using the one phone.

To find a place in the USA I used the following methods and resources.
Got a hostel near the desired location. In Boston there are only three hostels. I recommend the Prescott International Hotel. Its a little out of the city but a wonderful place and high speed wireless!