Spammers can’t you find another business opportunity?

I do not know this person; they are apparently female; play on my ego; have no network and are providing me an unusual link.


Funnily enough, I couldn’t stop myself from clicking on the link because the message was unexpected on facebook and I wanted to work out the spammer’s end game.

The link took me to which resulted in a “Server Not Found” error page.

Probably because it has been shut down.

I went to primary domain which ends up being a static redirect to a dodgy dating site called has an affiliate program.

Which poses the question. Was it an affiliate creating accounts and spamming people like me to drive traffic? Or the people behind the site trying to get registrations up.

It is painfully obvious,’s site will not make any money from the lack of point of difference, cookie cutter look and feel, no content and empty support pages on a mysterious site called

This rules out affiliates because there is nothing to pay them!

Overall a reasonable amount of sophistication and planning has occurred for no foreseeable return.

Owners of shoddy dating sites, pioneering facebook spamming techniques, please focus your obvious talents on a half decent business model.

And when you find this blog in your link backs. Flick me a message from your REAL facebook account and say “G’day” because I think you are O.K for trying and you are my first time.

  • Aaronontheweb

    One of the unfortunate consequences of “world-flattening mediums” like the Internet is that the cost to launch and operate an ill-conceived business is small enough that it doesn’t discourage people from trying – this situation serves as a good example.

    Even though spamming via Facebook messaging is not condoned by the network and is considered poor netiquette, the actual dollar cost of getting a hotmail-based Facebook account shutdown for spamming is pretty low compared to the potential return: getting a few people to look at a crappy dating website.

    The state of Facebook is pretty sad – now we need spam filters just to distinguish the noise from the information on a network that is supposed to consist of just US and OUR FRIENDS.

  • Cama

    I guess we have to accept technology will continue to make it easier for layman technology users to execute sophisticated virtual social engineering strategies. The sad thing for the likes of these pseudo companies is they fire back when people feel they are a scam. Keeping a perpetual rationalization that they are doing nothing wrong…

  • Chris Brogan…

    In my case, the spam came from people I kinda sorta know. Worse, even. : (

  • Cama

    Ouchy. When familiar strangers betray!!