The show must go on

Bazza packaged ER-20 Earplugs from Remote Australia
For those who do not know. I run a small racket on ebay called earjobs. Recently my dad (Barry) went to a remote part of Queensland Australia for a month. Despite the isolation, Dad who takes care of operations managed to ship over 25 units with no internet or mobile reception by the following methods:

  • I (USA) would poll e-bay for orders and then e-mail to my sister(AUS)
  • Mum (Remote) would call in via public phone to sister and recieve orders
  • Dad would post within 2 days.
  • When Mum\Dad were in mobile reception, I would call a friends company landline using skype and get them to redirect me to their mobile.
  • Being open and honest to customers on exactly how was conducting business. In other words no bullshit\PR to counter unmet expectations .

It ocurred to me, that I was involved in a familypreneur business which is intriguing because my family has always been into social services not business, yet they worked out the communication process above with out any of my assistance.

If my family can do it, how many other non business familys will be providing niche product and services in the future?