Use these firefox shortcuts and save 1 year of your life

While undertaking firefox intensive activities, my friend Mel was surprised how many shortcuts I was using and so was I.
Last year I was teaching excel and at that moment realised the shortcut virus had gone airborne and moved to firefox. Luckily, it was not the H1N1 strain and I am finding my new found ability variant handy.

In fact, so handy, I created a quick video on the shortcuts and how I use them to speed up following people for my twitter service FestivalAlert.

CTRL + t = New Tab

CTRL + click on link = New Tab

CTRL 1 + 9 = Select Corresponding Tab

CTRL + PGUP = Move to the Next Tab

CTRL + PGDN = Move to the Previous Tab

CTRL + W = Close Active Tab

CTRL + L = Go to Address Bar GOLD

CTRL + K = Go to Google Search

name="allowFullScreen" value="true">

What do you think? What shortcut do you now “own” when using firefox?


Thanks @Nathan_scott for the OS X equivalent

  • sebastian moser

    good stuff, but is it possible you mixed up ctrl+l and k?! at least on my machine it is the other way around…

  • Cama

    Yes it is highly possible :)It is now corrected. Thanks Sebastian