What can you do when having fun? Tim Ferris’s blogging tips from Word Camp San Francisco

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Ok. I have to make this blog entry fun because it is one of the writing tips that Tim Ferris kicked out at Word Camp San Francisco that I believe in.
How am I going to keep it fun? Well this time… and yes you can mix it up…. I am going to keep it “fun” by using my own “voice”. And keeping it quick because I am hungry and my back is hurting.

Ideas Tim offered on not hating on blogging:

  • When you are blocked write what you are angry about
  • Having not tried this in the blogging foray this has been quite effective exercise dealing with ex-girlfriends

  • Anchor the topic
  • I think what Tim ment by this is keep to the point of what the title states. Own what you are proposing. A Dissertation as such.

  • Don’t chase the news
  • Re-posting major events will only make you feel ugly

  • Re-post under %10
  • From what I re-call. This means posting about others posts. Leave it to a 1 in 10 ration. It is akin to chasing the news.

  • Keep a long form and short form blog\log
  • This is structure to stop you from doing your head.

    Short form = short, simple and without much substance
    An example would be Tim’s Blog or this blog

    Long Form = substantive and rich in information
    An example would be Tim’s website .

  • Identify your bio-rhythms by measuring outputs
  • This is nerdy physical attuned words for work out when you write best.
    Ask the question “When do I write best?”. If you don’t know you may to go all metric and start recording when you do. Not my style but Ferris does it.

    and my tip after completing this entry.

  • Set a time limit and go for it. This took me under 10 minutes.

Did I mention make sure it is fun? Make it fun. ok?