Wide Angle Hack for Flip Camera



One misty cold night in downtown San Francisco a punk ran off with my phone. I chased and cornered him on the other side of the terminal. The kid half my size refused to give it back and his two girlfriends were closing in. I had the option to use force and doing so would involve a nasty scrap requiring taking out him and inevitably his girlfriends and if you know downtown girls they are ferocious.

With in a split second, I chose a witches hat (safety cone) to up the ante and provide melee cover before I had to throw down. After he repeatably refused to return my phone, I ripped out a mighty warning swing only to spin myself around in a 360 ending on my back. The punk ran away but I got my phone back after using the system against him(another story).

What has the to do with the post? My flip camera was in my bag and the lens was cracked in the fall making it useless. Providing me an excuse to attach a wide angle lens to my flip.

To make it work I purchased a magnetic wide angle lens for $30. The magnetic part means you stick a metal o-ring on the outside of the lens so the magnetized lens can be attached\dettached. I wanted it permanent and used Gorilla Grip to make it so.

The result is more of what your eye can see in the picture which I don’t think you can beat when flipping it on. The downside is you do have the lens protruding making it less pocket friendly and robust (lens can come off if dropped).

A demo…..

Skateboarding in San Luis Obispo with Wide Angle Lens Flip from Cameron McGrane on Vimeo.